The Northern Line

Photography: Gintare Povilonyte
Styling: Nicolette Bosch, Jason Lee Ostler, Pricilia Chan
Makeup & Hair: Grace Hayward
Model: Ellie Delmonte from Milk Management London
Production and Casting: Vaanita Oakey
Earring: Stylists own, Sweater: Raf Simons, Knit: Raf Simons, Skirt: Sadie Clayton, Boots: S.Novia

Left Page: Earrings: Stylists own, Blouse: Krasimira Stoyyneva,  Jacket: Bogdar, Bag: Starsica, Belt: Off White, Trousers: Stylists own
Sock & trainers: Model’s own
Right Page: Earrings: Stylists own, Shirt: Stylists own, Leather Jacket: Stylists own, Tulle under skirt: Andrew Majtenyi Harris, Tweed over skirt: Helen Howe,
Shoes: Top Shop

Left Page: Earrings: Stylists own, Dress: Andrew Majtenyi, Shawl: Purple shawl, Boot: S.Noiva
Right Page: Earrings & Blouse: Beyond Retro, Leather dress: Stylists own, Jacket: Minnanhui, Boots, Shoes: S.Noivap

Left Page: Earrings: Stylists own, Jacket: Helen Howe, Boots: S.Noiva