A New York Minute

Photographer: Tiffany Mumford
Stylist: Karolina Borchert-Hunter
Hair and Make Up: Victor Noble
Model: Kira @ Silent NY

coat: Nika Tang, ring: Alex Soldier, shoes: MarimekkoLeft page: Velvet blazer: DAY Birger ET Mikkelsen Woman, skirt: BREELAYNE,  earrings: Alex Soldier, rings: Ayaka Nishi & Alibi, shoes: Tibi
Right page: Dress:BREELAYNE, earrings: Erickson Beamon, ring: Solomeina , shoes: TibiLeft page: faux fur coat: Kelsey Randall, pants: Nika Tang, earrings: We Who Prey, ring: Ayaka Nishi, shoes: Tibi
Right page: dress: Daniel Silverstain , earrings: Iza by Silvia D’avila , ring: Ayaka NishiLeft page: blouse: Daniel Silverstain , pants: Mi Jong Lee, earrings: Ayaka Nishi , shoes: Tibi
Right page: jumpsuit: BREELAYNE, cape: This Woman’s Work by Kendra Benson, earrings: Solomeina, ring: Ayaka Nishi,  shoes: Tibi

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